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Picture 13Latest security door trends

The front door is the gateway to your home – it is one of the first things guests see before entering your home. Bigger entrance doors create an impressive focal point for the home in question. Today, a home’s front door has moved away from merely being a pleasant looking entrance, to become a true feature. Modern front doors provide homeowners the opportunity to make an individual statement with the entryway to their homes   Keep on reading

How security starts with a front door?

2The secure house doesn’t start with an alarm system or electrified fence. It’s good to have noticeable security fences, monitoring, signs that determine the first responder but if you don’t have a solid front door, your whole security system can be jeopardized.
The front door is one of the most usual points of entry for an intruder. Even security doors can be forced, if they aren’t properly specified for the frame or if the frame itself has been inadequately fitted. Whatever else you do to protect your property from unauthorized entry, ensure you begin by understanding what makes your doors susceptible to attack: and how to prevent those attacks.  Keep on reading