SKYDAS Home Security

With an absolute monopoly in home security in bespoke security door production in Greater Europe, “SKYDAS” takes on new project – to deliver its products to those parts of the world where security concerns are at their peak.

By understanding and mechanically interpreting the most basic functions of security systems we create simple yet complex security solutions. With this we transform the environment you live or work in into a stylish fortress without compromising the comfort of your home or business.

Before leaving the manufacturing facility we test the various properties of every door and window model we produce in the acclaimed laboratory Ift Rosenheim, GERMANY, one of the most authoritative scientific research laboratories in the world. Ensuring reliability, sustainability and build quality throughout.

Within our industrial practice, we are constantly adding to the manufacturing facility, ensuring that we are using the newest equipment allowing us to lead world trends, both in aesthetics and in manufacturing.

During the last ten years, the export share in the turnover grew from 20% of total turnover, to more than 60% in 2012. We have established our trading centers in South Africa, Kenya, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and many others. As security concerns grow internationally as do the solutions.

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