We manufacture a wide range of security doors, designed and manufactured to fulfil the security requirements of all security levels. All our security doors are highly effective in preventing the occurrence of any break-in, invasion, burglary or other such incidents.

Our doors can be easily installed in various domestic and commercial environments. One of the most popular application for our doors would be bedroom security doors, blocking sleeping areas from the living, safety rooms, front entrance doors as well as garage or back doors to block every potential entry point to the building. Our doors is suitable to be installed in any environment where security, insulation, fire resistance and high durability is required. Every door model is fully suitable to be installed outside as well as inside and is fully resistant to any environmental threats. All the doors are guaranteed.

We are able to design and deliver high security doors that are reliable and can be trusted to provide you with foolproof security. We manufacture doors that incorporate aesthetic values with high functionality and utility.

Our “Secure By Design” door range is based on 6 different standard sizes:

  • 2030 x 880mm
  • 2030 x 1100mm
  • 2030 x 1200mm
  • 2350 x 880mm
  • 2350 x 1000mm
  • 2350 x 1200mm

(click for PDF format specification sheet)

All Secure By Design door models carries shorter lead times as well as lower price point due to size standardization. They come in all opening directions, different designs which are customized according to clients specification as well as safety or bullet proof glass option and many other optional extras.


Fully custom build option available.

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