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08 May 2014

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The front door is the gateway to your home – it is one of the first things guests see before entering your home.

Bigger doors create an impressive focal point for the home in question.

It is also the one thing that you use more than once a day, so it stands to reason that most homeowners won’t mind spending a little bit extra to ensure their front door is something special.

Today, a home’s front door has moved away from merely being a pleasant looking entrance, to become a true feature that not only complements the rest of the home’s architecture and décor, but stands out as a feature in its own right.

Modern front doors provide homeowners the opportunity to make an individual statement with the entryway to their homes – front doors have become a personal signature that can express the unique character and style of the home and those that live in it. For this reason, homeowners are spending a great percentage of their overall building budget on the entryway to their homes.

Security Door 140Doors with decorative stained glass inserts are increasingly popular due to their classic styling.

To cater for the increased demand, there are countless varieties of front doors available on the market – made from a wide range of different materials and styles to suit almost any architectural style imaginable. The best way to choose a front door for your home is to have a good idea of what the latest trends and innovations are with regards to front doors

New innovations and technology

Front doors are made from a number of different materials, including metal and engineered medium density fiberboard for the doors to last a life time.

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However, the most popular material is arguably wood, however one of the major disadvantages of wood doors is their tendency to react to weather. In hot weather, exterior wood doors can expand. As a result, cracks can form, which causes them to stick when they’re opened or closed. The opposite situation happens in cold weather, because wood doors contract, leaving gaps between the door and the floor and walls. This is especially problematic for a front door, as it lets cold air escape into a house. to avoid that we recommend doors that are made of combination of metal and specially engineered high-quality, impregnated wood fiberboard. If the board is painted in high-quality polyurethane paint that does not discolor for many years and door frame and metal structure is made out of highest quality electro-galvanized metal, the cold bridge is eliminated while the doors can last for many years without deforming or discoloring. Good entrance doors made out of a high-quality materials does not require any care or maintenance and should be expected to last many years

Let the light shine through

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New door trends seem to be including more and more glass in the entryway – front doors with oversized glass inserts, surrounding panels, decorative stained glass inserts, sidelights and transoms are increasingly popular due to their classic styling and the extra light they let into the home. The type of glass used should not influence door thermal performance or safety.

Bigger is better

Large format front doors have become progressively more popular, with many architects and designers including front doors with extra height and width in their designs for a more dramatic aesthetic. Bigger doors also create an impressive focal point for the home in question. Including side panels around the front door frame is a popular way of visually increasing the apparent size of a standard front door – for a more dramatic visual impact.

Custom designs

For top-end homes, bespoke design is a must have – suitable for those homeowners who are looking for a signature look that really sets them apart.

Custom designs are also a great way of expressing your true sense of personal style.

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